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Just one photograph.

In July 2021 I was sent a photograph...

of a hundred men kneeling on the street

in Poland and saying the Rosary.

I was forcibly struck by the image

and immediately thought that this had to happen in Ireland..


but how to make it happen was the big question?

Mens Rosary Ireland

Where we began.

I sent the picture to contacts and was delighted when Patrick McCrystal responded almost immediately and said we needed to get the men's Rosary in Ireland up and running as soon as possible.

We communicated a lot over the next few weeks and with the help of other friends we spread the word through posters, advertising, parish bulletins etc but most importantly through word of mouth.


Before we knew it the first men's Rosary in the Street in Ireland with men kneeling before a statue of Our Lady, took place on Saturday 2nd October 2021 outside the Guildhall in Derry.

Eighty men turned up in blazing sunshine, despite heavy rain having been predicted. It was a powerful, peaceful and prayerful occasion. Many of the men's wives stood on the periphery and joined us in prayer. Passers-by stopped, some of them obviously very moved and tearful and they too accompanied us in Our Lady's Rosary.


Everyone was excited for the next men's Rosary on the first Saturday in November and despite heavy rain, nearly 100 men turned up to a joyful and impressive day beside the Catholic Cathedral in Newry.


Belfast, on the first Saturday in December, was an unforgettable day with 150 men kneeling and saying the Rosary in the centre of Belfast at Castle Junction and witnessed by thousands of Christmas shoppers who were passing by.

Many stopped to comment on the sense of peace praying had brought and how it was wonderful to see so many men on their knees praying for the reparation, repentance, and conversion of Ireland as well as for men asking Our Lady to protect the women in their lives from the evils of abortion.

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