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Hello from Australia!

Greetings Ireland!

We also have been inspired by initially seeing images from Poland last year and then Ireland so a MEN’S ROSARY CRUSADE has started here in Sydney, Australia on the ‘First Saturday of the Month’ as per Our Lady of Fatima’s request.

Our first gathering had 30 men attend, second had 60 men and our third gathering last Saturday had more than 120 men and their sons in attendance.

We hope we can all join in prayer and inspire other men from other cities and countries to do the same.

Here are some photos from Sydney on Saturday, March 5 –

God bless

Welcome to our site! We invite you to explore and learn more about our Prayer Group, upcoming events and activities. We are always planning something new and exciting, and hope you’ll join us!

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Spain is with us too!

"...Given the success of this initiative in Ireland and Poland, organizers of the Men’s Rosary are optimistic about a revival of traditional values and ethos and halting the criminalization of masculinity by modern ideologies. They are hopeful of making the Rosary service a monthly affair with wider participation. It will also be a bold reply to the modern-day trend to keep religion and piety a strictly personal affair..."

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Why Catholic men around the world are ‘rallying’ behind the rosary


Fr. Calloway tells a miraculous and compelling story  which will inspire you!

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"Rosary Rallies

The Humble Apostle of the Rosary"

a great chapter from the life of Fr. Patrick Peyton

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