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Mens  Rosary  Ireland

Men Praying. 

 Five First Saturdays. 

 Public Witness.

The mens rosary is growing.

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~ March 2022 ~

Just a small update to the different men's Rosary groups, to let you all know that the men's Rosary on the street is going from strength to strength and has spread to many parts of Ireland and around the world.

In the North of Ireland it has been in Derry, Newry, Belfast, Armagh, Omagh and tomorrow in Magherafelt and in the next months Ballymena, Newcastle, Lisburn and Enniskillen with crowds of 200 men turning up, many with their wives in support on the periphery.

The Men's Rosary has really taken off in the Republic of Ireland with Sligo planned for April and Carlingford for the summer and Rosaries already happening in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Tralee, Athlone, Kilkenny, Limerick  Abbeyleix, and several sites in Donegal including Letterkenny and Carndonagh and many other areas. 

The Men's Rosary started in Poland where every first Saturday there are over 25 towns and cities involved with crowds of men up to one thousand at some of the meetings. It spread from Poland to Ireland and from Ireland around the world.

England Scotland and Wales are involved as is the USA, Mexico and Ecuador as well as starting in Sydney, Malta and Gibraltar. There is interest from India and Africa and mixed groups of people saying the Rosary have started all over Europe with over 800 sites in France alone where the Rosary is said publicly every Wednesday evening. 

We should never underestimate the power of the Rosary,  as Fr. Donald Calloway’s book 26 Champions of the Rosary demonstrates: Our Lady said to St Dominic.. “Whoever propagates my Rosary will never be lost”.. And this applies to all of us! 

In the book Servant of God, Fr Joseph Kentenich is quoted as saying “...the Rosary is far more superior to all the weapons of modern warfare in overcoming the enemy of God.”

Finally we should not forget how Fr. Petrus Pavlicek set up public Rosaries in Austria after WW 2  to make the Russian communists leave and in 1955 they suddenly upped and left and no reason was ever given. 

I am convinced that if enough men say the Rosary on the street on their knees in public that we can completely change the world to a much better and happier place.

God bless,


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Leo Whelan RHA (1892-1956) OUR LADY QUEEN OF IRELAND, 1933_edited.png

Men's Rosary Ireland
is a movement of men publicly offering
reparation and repentance
to God on the
of each month in honour
of Our Lady of Fatima
and her requests.

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We do so to make reparation for how the men of Ireland have not taken 

proper responsibility for the women in our lives. We believe if men took

proper responsibility for the women in their lives, there would be no abortion crisis.

We are making reparation also for impurity, contraception and how Ireland

has turned away from God and the teachings of His Church.

We are praying for an end to the covid circumstances.

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We are not involved nor do we endorse confrontation or aggravation towards other groups espousing other causes.

We offer 'how-to' guidelines to rosary groups and offer publicity for rosary events. We  are not responsible for how groups conduct their events, or what happens at a given venue of a given date.

Any group not following our guidelines cannot

be deemed to be part of Men's Rosary Ireland.

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 "I, Patrick, a sinner, am the most ignorant and of least account among the faithful, despised by many...  I owe it to God's grace that so many people should through me be born again to him."

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